With 4 or 5 rigs running at any one time, I have to have my horses positioned to do one thing, WIN!!!! WERM Flooring in the trailers contributes greatly to the horses arriving in comfort, sound and refreshed ready to do just that… – Jud Little Ranch

WERM is the best, had installed in my Exiss in 2008, floor has held up beautifully, beats the heck of hauling mats out and trying to keep the floor dry. Would never do mats ever again. – Julie F.

Jared & Levi & their crew could not have been better to work with & they did a great job last Thursday on my 2012 elite-highly recommend-I will send photos when I get off the road – Peter V.

Had this stuff in several horse and stock trailers. Makes for a great floor for the animals stability while going down the road. And prevents rot on a wood floor as well. – Daniel H.

Just installed in my truck bed and a trailer. Love love love!! No more slip. No more fighting with heavy mats!! – Christina S.