What sets our WERM products apart from the others?

WERM flooring is not like the “other” cushioned rubber floors. Our flooring has been engineered specifically to withstand animal abuse. What sets our product apart from the others is that it is a completely non-porous material. This keeps animal waste from seeping down into the product where it can’t compromise and break down the material like the “other” playground type material and also can’t trap the waste against the floor where you don’t want it. Because the “other” playground type products are porous, they don’t have enough binder to hold the product together tightly and animals can easily paw it up.

WERM products have the same amount of binder as rubber in each batch and is a solid material from surface to floor, this prevents waste from getting into the material and breaking it down. Our product has enough binder to hold it all together and have texture and durability. WERM does not require drilling holes into the floor for drainage. DON’T DRILL HOLES IN YOUR FLOOR. Playground material has been around a long time and works great for pools, walking paths/running tracks but has only recently become used in trailers based on our success. Its not the same at all.

Don’t settle for an inferior product that was never meant for heavy animal traffic. Competitor products can trap waste in your floor that can’t be cleaned out sufficiently and breaks down the material. WERM products are also great for truck bed liners. We have it in our work trucks and love it. But for soft metal like aluminum that can pop and flex between floor jousts, competitor products will separate and allow hollow spots to fill with waste that can’t be removed. Also, other competitor products have no cushion and is only a fraction of the thickness our product has, but usually costs more.

Can I install the product myself?

werm trailer flooringUnfortunately, it is not a product that is available to the general public to install themselves. In the rare case that there is no close dealer and the area to be covered is great, we have trained individuals to install the product themselves. But, for one or two floors it would be cost prohibitive as the tooling alone to do a single trailer or two would cost too much.

Why aren’t there any dealers in my area or closer to me?

I treat every single dealer as an extension of my work family. They can call me day or night with questions as I care very much about their success. I am very selective on who is installing our product as we have worked very hard to have the reputation we have in the industry and don’t want it being installed poorly. I get calls daily for people wanting to be dealers, but if you’re in a very small town with limited clientele, or have done basket weaving for the past 50 years and want to do this on the side, then its probably not for you. I have also turned down trailer dealers that have a high turn over rate of employees because they would require constant training. We’ve experienced in the past, dealers bring new people in without getting the proper training an then try on their own from second hand information instead of first hand experience from the proper trained pro’s. We are not driven by pushing the material out the door as much as the customer getting the quality they deserve. We ask that new dealers have a business plan in place, to show there will be enough work generated.

Questions we ask potential new dealers:

Do you have any experience with troweling as it is troweled out like concrete, not sprayed on like some people think.

Do you have the stamina to either mix the product and carry it to the trailer and/or be on your knees “with knee pads of course” for periods of time. Do you have the personnel to install the product when busy doing their best to meet their deadlines getting trailers out the door to meet quota. It doesn’t take an act of congress to become a dealer nor is it difficult to install after proper training, but it is physically demanding when doing large areas at once and does require attention to detail. As with anything, you have to care about what your doing to do it right. Rest assured, If there is a dealer on our list, they can be trusted to do the job right and stand behind it. View our list of WERM Dealers